Thursday, July 16, 2009

Worship in Study

The Scriptures tell us to "study to show ourselves approved unto God". I Timothy 2:15 Study is one of the highest forms of worship. If you received a love letter from your lover, and merely glanced at it and threw it aside, it would reveal a problem in the relationship.

Believers ought to study God's Word passionately. There ought to be a daily and intimate relationship developed through the diligent study of God's Word. A true worshiper cannot help but to dive into the text he is reading and do all that he can do to understand what the sweet author is saying to him. He should diligently compare what He has said in other places, and if possible, study the original languages.

I am involved at this time in an intense study of Greek. Something that I have desired to do for many years after having dropped the course because of a failing grade, due to raising a family, working and in general not having the time to devote to every class.
I took the easy way out and have regretted it ever since. Now I am not saying that one has to study the original languages to know what God is saying. Far from it. But something of our study should reveal that we are passionate about the God we love. Our study should manifest itself in worship. Study is worship. How are you worshiping God in your study today? Then how will you worship Him on Sunday?

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