Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We beseech thee!

The word beseech isn't used any more. It is a strong word that means to entreat, but so much more. There is a passion and a longing in the word beseech. When the writers of the sacred text used the word beseech it had to do with things that were eternally significant. Perhaps that is exactly why we don't beseech God much anymore. We simply say our prayers, or ask the Lord for certain things.

We don't like to get down and dirty when it comes to prayer. We would never find ourselves wallerin' on the floor crying out to God. We, quite frankly, are too sophisticated. And so are our words. We frame our petitions and contemplate the elegance of our requests. How un-needy we are nowadays that we pray without sweat or strong tears.

Do we wonder that we never seem to "take hold of God"? Do we really want God? Or would we secretly rather hold on to our worldly life-styles?

I fear that, yes, we are comfortable where we are at. And that scares me. Oh how pride goeth before a fall.

"I know thy works, that thou are neither cold nor hot."

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