Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Savor of Life Unto Life

As we live our lives as Christians, we will either have a good smell or we will reek. Our lives should cause the gospel to smell good. To other believers that is. To the lost, our lives should bring conviction. In particular, the conviction that should they not believe, they will perish.
The way we live enhances the flavor of the gospel. Paul warned the Corinthians that they should not peddle the Word of God. Basically, we shouldn't give out the Word of God for what we get out of it. What do you get from getting out the Word of God? Think about it!
Uh, or do you get out the Word of God at all? Wow, now that's a thought. Why bother living it if we don't believe it enough to tell other people about it?
So, how are you smelling today?

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