Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Press Toward the Mark

Did you know that there actually people who text and play video games and look on the internet during worship services? That's a revelation of the true condition of ones heart isn't it? What are we there for? Why not stay home? Just there for people? If we are there for God, would you not think that games and the internet has no place for a believer in a worship service. Actually, it's quite blasphemous. Giving to something else what we should be giving to God. Which is our all. The hypocrisy of singing "How Great Thou Art" one moment, and the next moment texting a friend to inquire as to where we will eat lunch. or looking at Facebook to see what someone else is doing.
I'll tell ya. The apathy and laziness that is apparent in our pews reveal the ungodly levels to which we have sunk. I'm calling for a burnin'! At least for an appeal to believers that they leave their idols at home while we gather to worship the living God.
This kind of indifference though, really shows us how unconcerned we are to become the worshipers that God has called us to be.

1 comment:

  1. Bob, these people must be disciplined with a big F around there neck for facebook trangression.

    Seriously, this is a huge problem, i hope this was addressed.