Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, the old Huff and Puff Post is at it again. No shocker here either. Right away, they have identified the culprit in this case to be, you guessed it, religion! Even calling for the President to use our Armed Forces on the streets to defend the lives of Abortionists. Now, I completely and without reservation condemn the murder of George Tiller.
Several interesting points. The first of which is that Tiller was an usher in this Lutheran church. Now, must of us conservatives would immediately determine that the church is liberal. Must be, if they let this know killer of the unborn be an upstanding member in their church. Fine. The point is, I wonder if the liberal media will investigate this aspect. Will they give thought to this. Hmmm, this happened in a church. This church was fine with Tiller being a member. Even an usher who greeted people on the way in to their "religious services". Maaaaybe all religion is not bad? Nah, they won't give it a second thought. They'll leave their left-wing religious cronies to suffer and suck it up.
Also, we still don't know what Scott Roeder's motives were. Well now, we don't have to be naive aboiut it do we? He evidently stewed about this for quite some time and decided to take it into his own hands and kill this man. Also, he had a fish symbol on his car. Oh these crazy religious right people.
Oh, by the way. It is interesting that the Huff and Puff put this crime on par with the killing of thousands in our nation on 9-11 by Muslim terrorists. One thing they forget. The Muslim terrorists kill in order that they may go to "their" heaven and be rewarded for their killing. They kill innocent people. These home grown people who kill abortionists are motivated by the killing of the abortionists themselves. (The abortionists, in my estimation are not innocent people.) I cannot justify their killing of the abortionists. (I refuse to call them "Doctor".) They hope to receive no reward from this killing, but rather realize that they are probably going to pay a huge cost for their actions with no reward. They are deluded, but they are are not equal to the dangerous mindset of those who wish to wipe our nation off of the face of the earth. Oh, and by they way....the Muslim terrorists will start with those among us who they deem the most evil. The liberal left! How ironic.

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