Thursday, June 4, 2009

Passionate Worship

Well, I attempted this last Sunday Evening to convey the heart of my understanding as to why we do what we do. At least laying a foundation. The Sermon can be found here.
After reviewing it today I have a couple of thoughts. Primarily, I feel for the brethren who listened to that message and who are not as emotionally based as some of us are. I am afraid I might give the impression that one cannot be fully engaged in worship and it not be a fully visible experience to the rest of the saints. Well, I happen to know that is entirely possible, because I have experienced it myself. There are times when the communion is so deep and so sweet, that the only visible sign may be a tear or a bowed head.
Having said that, I do feel that a big problem in our churches is that we not only do not adequately prepare for corporate worship, but that same lack of preparation is there in our daily lives. We simply cannot fuly engage in worship of our God if our lives are filled with so many preoccupations. We must be a people who cast out our idols and gaze upon His glorious beauty, believe with all of our hearts, and worship Him with all of minds, our our hearts, all our strength and all our soul.

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