Thursday, June 11, 2009


We gather to worship because our only hope is Jesus Christ. As I read the Psalms, I make it a habit to ask myself if I am doing what the Psalms say. When the Psalmist says "I trust in the Lord", I ask myself if I am trusting in the Lord. Or am I trusting in myself, my abilities, my strength or my resolve. When David refers to God as his refuge, I ask myself if I am fleeing to Him or to other things for my comfort, my escape, my rest, my strength, or my protection.
We often choose other sources of refuge. We put our trust in men or things. We see a bright future for us if certain things will happen. To what are you fleeing to today? What would you wish would happen that would make everything right? In what do you take comfort? How do you feel safe?
If the answer to any of these are anything other than God, (and please be honest with yourself, otherwise, why are we having this discussion?) then you need to understand that you are only placing your hope in something that will never and can never be what you think it will. You have been deceived. You have fallen for the lie. You worship what you hope in.

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