Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well, Killer Tiller has met his match. He has become the victim of the death that he sent so many hundreds of thousands of innocent precious little babies to. His homicidal ways were clear verification of the total depravity of man, and that although all of us are not as bad as we could be, the depths of the depravity of man know no limits.
There is hardly a living human being in our side of the world as close to the likes of Hitler as this individual. There remains no more mercy. He is damned. It is impossible that this man could live as the serial murderer that he was without repentance and have any hope. He was not only an outspoken advocate of mass murder of innocent babies, but actually funded it, promoted it, and his hands were the instruments of the deaths of untold thousands.
I do not justify the murderous rage of the man who took his life. In fact, I condemn it without reservation. God has said. "Vengeance is mine. I will repay." The vengeance has barely begun. And God is just. I don't know that he has any family to pray for.
God is perfect in all of his ways. I have always wondered why he let this man live a long as he did. But then again, I have often wondered why He let me live.
God is a God of grace and justice. God had grace upon me and I don't know why.

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