Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Masses

I went to a MLB baseball game last night. Myriads of fans worshiping their god. Some, just enjoying a night out with the family. Most of the evening, at least percentage wise is spent simply observing the players preparing for the next play. I suppose percentage wise, it is the same with football, although, every play is sure to avail something, either pro or con.
It was sort of a melancholy evening. I appreciated the time out. (Our friends who took us, gave us tickets, with the expectation that we would give them the toy that was handed out that evening, which I did, rather grudgingly for some reason. An Albert Pujols statue of some sort.) At any rate, I enjoyed focusing on the professionalism of the players doing their thing. At the top of what they do to be sure.
I suppose I had several problems. For one thing, the amount of activity offered during the evening surely did not seem to deserve the millions of dollars these guys make. Oh, they are good. Too good in fact for my taste. I would rather see an old man playing softball attempt to slide into home, only to change his mind half-way through and actually barrel roll over the plate as the crowd gasps as if questioning the chances of his survival.
I looked at the crowds and thought about the world. I questioned how many of these people are going to spend eternity in hell. Most of them I suppose. What was there? Some 50,000? I felt like standing up and screaming. I wouldn't have been heard though. Most don't even hear when you preach to them while they are passing by you on the street. Most are simply oblivious. We aren't. But sometimes we act like we are.
Man, this world is going to hell. I can't believe I'm not. Wow. Amazing grace.

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  1. Hey Bob - I guess Scott could give you the Pujols figurine that we plan to give to our nephew! But yes, overall you are right. It is sad to see all those people who have no idea what life is really about. I feel the same way when I go anywhere. Somehow, it hits me the most at the mall. What an empty, empty world.