Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Young Street Preachers Murdered!

Two men preaching religion shot to death in Boynton Beach


These men were martyrs. They were men of God who gave their lives proclaiming the gospel in a situation they understood could very well bring death. They had been part of gangs and knew that the results of their mission to bring the gospel to the streets may very well end in their deaths, but they went anyway. Day and night preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Would to God that we had some preachers with the holy boldness of these young men. As a missionary in New York City for seven years, I know what it is like to go into the darkest parts of the city to proclaim the gospel. Only nowadays it is even worse.
Lord give us more young men who are willing to lay down their lives and go to their Jerusalems, their Judeas, and to the uttermost parts of the earth to give their lives. It is going to take the blood of countless martyrs on the streets of the middle east to see the kingdom furthered. Right now, it is the nationals who are giving their lives. May the Lord call us further into lives of death for the cause of Christ. Even if it means our literal death.
May we not forget these two young brave warriors.

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