Thursday, February 11, 2010

Letter to My Children - 2nd

Well Dear Children,

How my heart is enlarged for you. As I pour out my soul to God on your behalf this morning, my prayer is that you would experience the reality of the presence of God in such a way as to change you forever.

There are times that a child of God slips, and at such times he will find that God is there. And that God understands. Psalms 103:14 tells us that “He knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.”

In other words, the Lord knows the foundation of our thoughts, actions and intentions. He knows what we are made of, what we have experienced, what we have been taught, what we have grasped and haven’t grasped. He knows the basis upon which we act and speak. And he knows that he made us from the dust of the ground and he doesn’t have expectations that are out of the realm of our ability to fulfill.

He is a merciful God. In fact, v. 17 of that same Chapter tells us that God’s mercy is from everlasting to everlasting upon those that fear Him.

There will never be a time that one of His children is not able to receive mercy. Sometimes we will feel differently. As if we have sinned too much to go to God with it. But that is a deceptive feeling. The truth is, if we are God’s children, then every time we sin we can go to God with it and ask for forgiveness. In fact, we must go to God with it. Where else can we go?

Do you not think that I struggle with the same sins as you do? Yes, we are all made of the same dust. And we have very much the same points of reference in which to live our lives. All that I have learned I have taught you. How much you have grasped, I don’t know. That is the difference. But certainly I have had to make much use of the mercy of God, which fount thankfully never runs dry for the believer. His mercy is indeed from everlasting to everlasting upon those that fear Him.

Read that whole chapter of Psalm 103 and you will find comfort in the mercy of God. And then cry out to Him that He will give you His mercy. And He will. He is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in mercy. Oh that His mercy would flood the lives of my children and that they would flee to Him for refuge. He will take you in and comfort you. He will rescue you from the power of sin and self and the ultimate despair that sin will take you to if you let it.

Remember, He has come that you might have joy. And that you might have LIFE.

And God is going to give it to you. I know this. Drink of it deeply! Children drink of the riches that God has for you right now.

Your loving Dad

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