Tuesday, February 2, 2010

God's Way Is Holy - outline

I thought that I would post one of my outlines for a recent sermon I preached in case anyone would be interested in using any of it. Feel free. (My outlines are kind of hard for others to follow sometimes.)

Your way, O God, is holy – Psa 77:13

God is altogether different than us.
Holy – apartness – separateness God is a different type of being.
God is not “like us, only bigger” - and God’s ways are not like our ways, Is 55:8,9


For a believer to walk in the way of the Lord is the way of implicit obedience. He does not analyze the benefits or contemplate the dangers.
Our lives are filled with daily tests of loyalty. To prove our love for God. The question is, we will walk in the way of the world or the way of the Lord.
There is a certain “way” everyone lives. The “way” you live your life is your way, but it may not necessarily be God’s way.
Pro 21:2 Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.
Pro 14:12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof [are] the ways of death

They tested God again and again, and provoked (limited) the Holy One of Israel. Psalm 78:41
To set marks or limits - - they limited the “HOLY ONE” - He was grieved at this!!!
They had a wrong view of God –
They spoke against God, saying “Can God spread a table in the wilderness?” Psalm 78:19
What did God want?
For them to Remember – and for them to believe – Psalm 78:21,22
- Because they did not believe in God and did not trust his saving power.
- Is God not big enough for your problem? Is God not big enough to deal with your soul? Are you too much for God to handle? Are your sins too big for God? Was His sacrifice not sufficient for your sins? -
- God has not forgotten about you – have you forgotten about God! Have you forgotten who this God is. Have you made a god after your own imagination who is not able to do what you think ought to be done.
- 1. The first problem is that you don’t know what needs to be done.
- 2. The Second problem is that God can do anything.
That is why it is so critical for us to be a people of the Word and prayer.
Of the Word, so that we may remember every day who God is and believe Him.
Of Prayer, so that we may commit our way to the Lord.

Our problem is that so often, we have got it all figured out –

Psa 78:18 –
They tested God – as if tasting food and smelling something to see if it is desirable or palatable.

The demanded the food they craved. – demand or ask – same word as 1 Samuel 8:10 – they asked for a king.

We become so convinced that we are right in what we want and what we need because we are actually the lords over our lives instead of humbly serving the Lord. We are so convinced that we see things rightly that we actually demand that the Lord see things like we see them.
Food – we see ourselves as being satisfied with something – we watch out for ourselves – and in so doing limit God and limit ourselves from experiencing a miraculous life. We want normal! Our way is comfortable!!!

Craved – In other words – we live more according to our fleshly instincts…our natural life – our soulish passions -

Can God spread a table in the wilderness??
Spread – arrange or furnish – they had a vision of the best that they could imagine
God had given them the miraculous –manna from heaven and water out of a rock –
But they imagined a table filled with leeks and onions and garlic –
God could fill that table with quail and pheasant and lamb and fruits and vegetables and wine. Here properly – a Kings table – long and filled with guests –
Note – You cannot arrange things in your life like God can. You can only try. God actually does it.
Wilderness – God had driven them there - for a reason - doubting God
God often relates His holiness to the place where He dwells.
He says that the place he dwells is with the humble and the contrite. – A People who do not know everything and who do not have it all figured out.
God wants for us to come as a little child – Matthew 18:3 – He wants us to be His children
Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.
Jesus wants us to be without pretense – We are trying to be spiritual, to get it right.
We act like adults and try to fix ourselves up.
It is critical to spiritual life to come to Jesus just as you are. – Come overwhelmed with life – come with a wandering mind –
Come trusting Him implicitly and obeying Him the same – Give your LIFE to Jesus.

Preacher - Preach the gospel -!!!!!

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