Monday, December 20, 2010

I Drank in the Scriptures in the Bahamas

Awright, so we just got back from the Bahamas. A week of laying out on the beach reading the Word on my new Kindle. and sleeping. and reading. and watching the ocean and the sun. and having the butler bring nachos and a drink for the wife and I. Well, it wasn't heaven by any stretch of the imagination of course. It was kind of dream like though.
All the while we were there, Faith and I both sensed a longing. For the place where our souls belong. For relaxing and reading the tropical climate was great, but it's not what we were created for. God was no closer to us.
Sure, not having a phone, )with the exception of the the .50 texts my wife sent and the two accidental international pocket calls I made for 10 minutes), was great. No electronics except my Kindle for reading. ( I am not bragging about the Kindle) (by the way, have you ever tried something like this? it is awesome) anyway, we really enjoyed being away and I feel so refueled that I feel dangerous. Sinners better get out of the way if you don't want a full dose of the gospel.
But now, I want to go ahead and read Radical by David Platt, which I was hesitant to read right before we left on our 30th anniversary tropical vacation. (our first ever)
I think he is talking about forgetting all about the American Dream and hotly pursuing Christ. Actually, I did suspect that maybe the Lord was calling me to missions in the Bahamas for a little bit. I even inquired into it a bit and was told that I would be wonderfully embraced by pastors down there if I should come to teach and preach. Anyway, the Lord did not lead further. shucks.
I am glad to be back to the church family that God has called me to. We had a good worship gathering yesterday with a great message on missions from one of our interning missionary families, the Phleegers.
Had a good time in counseling with one of our church families in the afternoon where God is evidently working. and then visited our dear sister, Nancy Ponder in the hospital. She is in much pain and is asking for the Lord to take her on home. To hear her moan in pain and then smile as she praised the Lord and prayed together and she would say Amen and then begin moaning again. It is these times where I feel led to pray that the Lord would give grace and usher the saint into His presence as quickly as possible. I pray that for Nancy.
So, we are back. I not sure we really went with the exception that I feel rejuvenated and we have pictures.
So, most of my time there, Faith will attest, I read. and I read. I couldn't get enough of the Word. There are seldom times like that when I can just drink in the Word for hours. But why not? It seems to me that if a Pastors job it primarily the ministry of the Word and prayer, how could he not spend hours each day reading the Word. Well of course, hours of praying is what it seems like the ministry demands. You can do so much more through praying than anything else. Well, with my business, the demands of being a faithful husband, father and grandfather, I am going to set my heart on a continued drinking in of the Word and long hours of prayer. That is what I long for until I reach my home in heaven. Some things will be left undone. And that is OK. If I can' t daily drink in the Word and spend quality time with my Father in communion, then I might as well resign from being a Pastor. And I am being realistic.


  1. Called to ministry in the Bahamas.... :)

    I have Radical if you are ready for it. I loved reading it. I did not like how it made me look at myself and my own actions and priorities. It is eye-opening.

  2. I ordered it on Kindle already Paula, but I might want to borrow it for Faith