Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Empty Nothings

Life is filled with them. In fact, most of the world is made up of them. Promises that can't be fulfilled. Intentions that are not acted on. Mirages that never materialize. The bible teaches us that life itself is a vapor. yet throughout their lives men pursue that which is nothing. Along the way they experience nothing because nothings are empty. The mirages they bask in serve to merely enlarge their appetites, voraciously hounding that which fills, yet they are never truly at peace and satisfied.
Sin itself, which is something, can only provide emptiness. Before God it is something. It is something hideous and horrible in fact. It is impossible to see how utterly horrible sin is unless you can see how beautiful Christ, the Savior from sin is. It was He, who fills all, who took upon Himself all of the terrible weight of your sin. And He is the only one who could do it. Taking upon Himself your sin was so weighty that it caused a rift between the Father and the Son. But He did it because of love.
All that sin and the world promises turns out to be nothing and all that the heart of man truly longs after is found in the One who alone can truly fulfill.
I urge you to turn to Christ. Cease your persistent pursuit of nothings which are empty.

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