Thursday, March 24, 2011


If you have not been rebuked lately, what is wrong with you? Do your friends
think that you are so thin-skinned and fragile that you could never take any
negativity? Or are they simply in the habit of living out compromised lives
regardless of the consequences? Or is it simply that you are too prideful and
everyone knows that any attempt at correcting you would result in such a
prideful rebuff and defense that they are not prone to offer much of anything in
the way of advice.

According to the scriptures, rebuke, reproof and correction ought to be a part
of the Christian community. It should be exercised only when needed and in love,
but it should be exercised. I think that the main problem is that in our day of
egalitarianism no one wants to be told that they are less than they should be.
We insist only on affirmation. This is the cry of the day. But in the
Christian community this is to live in an unbiblical way.

Pride is at the root of it all. If you cannot receive a rebuke without being
defensive, you are prideful. Many people are adept at giving out correction,
but poorly receive it. This is to show that one has no understanding and is not
wise. (Proverbs 9:8)

In order to receive rebuke, one must be walking in humility and dependence on
God. We cannot have high views of ourselves and walk in wisdom. (Proverbs 10:17)
We will not be ready to receive needed correction and instruction if we think
that we have no need of it.

We must believe that God is Sovereign in order to receive rebuke. If we are
continually seeing men opposing us, it is fairly certain that we are
self-centered. God may indeed use men to sanctify us, but it is in seeing the
hand of God in our lives rather than mere men opposing us that we are able to
rest in His Sovereign power and humbly receive whatever instruction comes our
way, so that we might carefully weigh its truthfulness. (Proverbs 1:25; Proverbs

We must understand that we have a great need to learn and gain understanding.
One who chafes at personal instruction is prideful. He is rebellious and lacks
faith. He is living a life of self-sufficiency thinking that he has all that he
needs to live. This person is in danger. He is spiritually blind to his own
deficiencies and is not able to see his need, therefore when correction comes,
his first inclination is self-preservation. He is merely preserving his image,
defending his perception of himself and ensuring that the fa├žade is never torn

How do you receive a rebuke? How do you accept correction? How do YOU receive

If you are not able to, then you must repent of your pride and humble yourself
before God that He may exalt you in due time.

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