Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BOOK REVIEW - A Praying Life by Paul Miller

I have just finished Paul Millers' new book, "A Praying Life". I am still thinking about all of the areas of my life that He has touched. For me, his chapter on cynicism was worth the price of the book. I began my own study on cynicism and taking a hard close look at my life and my faith. Actually, I could say that for almost every chapter. This book is life-changing.
Rarely have I had a book affect me in so many areas, yet it continually brought me back to the point of the book. Life is prayer. Personal, powerful, life-changing prayer. Paul's theology on prayer is sound and he teaches us how to actually live a life of prayer. Real prayer.
I have always been interested in prayer, (of course, I am a believer, who isn't?) and have read alot of books on the subject, but I have never read as impacting a book as this one. From cover to cover, this book hits home. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If I could, I would buy you one. But I can't. You buy it, and it will be seen as one of the best investments you have ever made.

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