Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Demons, Then Salvation Came To Their House

Last Thursday evening, Bro Scott and I had the privilege to go to a home we were invited to through a waitress Scott had befriended. Her family had been harassed by what seemed to them to be departed family members and ghosts. She and the children saw several different people in her room and night, her bed shook violently on several occasions, etc. The night before we came, "someone" had tapped her on the shoulder. Many different manifestations had caused them to be a family filled with fear.
After arriving at the home and questioning all involved, Bro Scott and I went upstairs where the manifestations had taken place, read scripture, prayed, and basically commanded any demonic entities to simply leave, in Jesus name. What else could we do? We were there representing the Lord Jesus Christ.
Well, we went back downstairs where family, neighbors and relatives had gathered and had a wonderful time preaching the gospel to them all. It has been a long time since I had seen such rapt attention given to the gospel by lost young people. After clearly expounding the gospel, we went back with the family upstairs, prayed with them and rejoiced in the goodness of God. They testified that the room was no longer cold and the mother was no longer afraid. One of the daughters testified that she had been saved right then. The other daughter also said that she believes. Others seemed to be in a condition where God was working in their hearts. Well, the immediate family is supposed to come to church on Sunday, and then we are supposed to go back each week to study the Bible and pray with them. We left them and they were full of hope.
This was all arranged by the Lord. Pray for us, that many would be saved as a result of what God is doing there.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that, Bob. I'm praying for you, as you requested.